Student Showcase Art Gallery

Jamie Tan and Student Showcase Art Exhibit

Thursday, April 20, was the opening of Jamie Tan’s Head Trip art exhibit and the Student Showcase exhibit. Jamie Tan had several different painting to showcase. There pieces that had were one a colored piece of paper with the same color painted on it. When looking at the piece multiple times one could find something new every time in it. She also then had a painting that was composed of different canvases coming together together to create one full image. The Student Showcase Exhibit featured different art forms: ceramics, sculpture, drawings, paintings, and photography. Each piece had the creator’s personal style to it, which helped give each piece its own personal touch making it memorable. 

The art really fits into the imagination and emotion categories of the five ways of knowing because imagination is the creativity that goes into each piece and emotion is put into the piece by the creator. Art work can be a form of expressing one’s emotions and feelings about current situations. This then ties into hearing the voices of the marginalized because it is a way one can show another what is going on. It is another way to voice the concerns of the marginalized. We see different forms of art also come out from different races and cultures who are marginalized, and it is used as a piece of history for them. The artwork can be used to tell their story and struggle just like a book can. Art is a way that connects people, and allows for others to take a step into someone’s life, and that is what these works in the gallery did.

I am not usually one to enjoy looking at artwork, but this exhibit was rather neat. It allowed me to support my friends, and see the talent they have as well as the other students at Concordia. One of my favorite pieces was the piece called “Ocean in a Bowl.”It was piece of pottery that after glazing literally looked like there was water in it. My first time seeing I literally almost touched the piece to see if there actually was water because it looked like there was. Another one of my favorites, that I do not remember the name, was this big sculpture made out of cardboard and tape. It did not really have a definite shape to identify what it is, but it just looked really cool because the of the way the color of the tape and the cardboard looked together. This whole exhibit made me appreciate art just a little more, but overall made me see the true talent in some of my friends.

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