Spring Into Dance 2017

2017 Spring Into Dance

On Sunday, April 30, I went to the Spring Into Dance. It featured many different dances with numbers of students in each piece. There were ballet, hip hop, Hmong, ballroom, and contemporary types of dances in the program, giving it a wide variety to speak to everyone who came. There were students, alumni, and professionals who choreographed each piece showing the talent of these people to not only dance but to teach. Before each piece, the choreographers would speak about each dance telling the audience the meaning behind them. 

The dancing in Spring Into Dance relates to both HON 110 and HON 120. Dancing is considering a creative process of movement involving all parts of the body to create a vision in one’s imagination, one of the “five ways of knowing” we studied in HON 110. Because dancing can be a visual representation, it can be used to hear the voices of the marginalized. There are many cultures where dance is a part of their life: Native American, African, Hmong, Chinese, and many others.  Their dances give a visual voice into knowing about their lives because they have danced for celebrations, protection, and religion. Today with more modern types of dancing choreographers are now able to put music and dance to a particular event or message. I remember seeing a dance on television that was inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement. It featured dancers dancing to a darker type of music with an African American dancer having an “artistic” death by a white dancer. After that, each dancer did their own dance with never much unison to show inequality.  At the end of the dance, all of them came together and danced in unison, ultimately coming together holding hands to represent equality.

Overall, I really enjoyed this dance program. I am usually not one who is into watching dancing, but because of the variety of dances involved,  I really enjoyed watching everyone. I enjoyed seeing my friends and classmates dance because some of them I did not know could dance like that. I really enjoyed the dance, On My Wedding Day, because it was a type of dance I have never seen. It gave me a glimpse into the Hmong culture with the mother-daughter relationships they have with the wedding. I loved the costuming for that because it was really similar to their actual traditional clothes. All the dances were amazing and helped create a good end to the school year.

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