Describe – This was the annual dance recital that Concordia puts on. This year, it featured a good variety of dances. There was a musical theater number, a traditional Hmong […]

Describe – This concert was themed around “a more excellent way” and divided into three parts. The first section had to do with Old testament promises. The second section focused […]

Describe – At this convocation, we celebrated the value of poetry. A number of poems were read; serious poems as well as lighthearted, silly poems. These poems covered a number […]

Speaker Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson talked about the roles of women in the Reformation and some of the effects the Reformation had on gender. Although there is precious little we know […]

Describe – The privilege walk was an event coordinated by the Honors class, as well as the CHUSA and UMOJA groups. This event was designed to help raise awareness of […]

Describe – This year’s Poehler Lecture, titled “So, How Are the Children?”, was given by Dr. Barbara Schoenbeck. She spoke on the value of children. She began by making the […]

Describe – Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson gave a lecture titled “Remaking the World through Law and Gospel.” She began by saying that a better understanding of the Law and Gospel […]