Spoon River reflection

Describe – Spoon River is a stage performance about a young girl, referred to as the Passerby, who visits a cemetery for her grandfather’s funeral. The Passerby then is visited by memories of those who lived in Spoon River in years past and are now buried at the cemetery. Each of them tells her the story of their life, their dreams, their hopes, their regrets. It features primarily monologues accompanied by several songs of various styles.

Interpret – The primary way that this is related to the current Honors course is that the monologues gave voice to fears, situations, and problems that were not allowed to be voiced in the time which these people lived. This is especially true of the women characters, who were often talking about problematic or unhappy marriages or being pregnant with illegitimate children.

Evaluate – Being in this performance was very enlightening for me. It was different than other shows I’ve been in because there were many stories being told by individuals rather than one cohesive story. Playing several different characters forced me to rapidly switch points of view and walk in other peoples shoes. It broadened my perspective.

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