17th Annual Student Juried Art Opening

Describe – There were a number of different medias, themes, and styles of art represented in this exhibit. There was both two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork. Some of the mediums included cardboard, pottery, photography, embroidery, graphite, acrylic, and film. There were also various degrees of abstractness, from completely normal shapes depicting a particular scene all  the way to completely abstract works.

Integrate – This is an example of imagination at work. Through artwork, expression is given to ideas or feelings in a way that is more powerful than words. Though perhaps less clear and more open to interpretation, there is something about quality art that is beyond words.


Evaluate – All of the art that I saw was very well done. I was somewhat surprised by the large variety in mediums. I was reminded once again of the potential for almost anything to be artistic. Normally when I hear “art gallery” I think of paintings or perhaps sculptures, but there are so many other mediums. Even within sculptures, there were cool, unexpected materials used, like cardboard.
One piece of artwork that stood out to me was the piece titled “Tenacious” by Nick Schroepfer, done in graphite. At first glance, it might just appear to be a bunch of smudges on a piece of paper, but if one inspects it, it is clearly the shape of a person. This person’s shape is still discernible even though the person is being torn apart.

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