Christus Home Concert

Describe – This concert was themed around “a more excellent way” and divided into three parts. The first section had to do with Old testament promises. The second section focused on the life and work of Jesus, and the third section focused on what that means for us and the work of the Holy Spirit. The music was all used to convey the Christian Gospel, but there were a number of styles and languages used. Although many of the songs were in English, there was also a Chinese piece, an African piece, several pieces with Latin, and a German piece. There was also a mixture of upbeat Gospel pieces (like “He’ll Make A Way”) and more somber, serious pieces (Like¬†Komm Jesu Komm¬†or Schutz’s setting to Matthew’s passion narrative).

Integrate – This is an excellent example of how imagination and emotion can have a big impact. For example, the singing of the passion as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel had a very powerful impact on me and many others. Hearing it in a musical setting brought it to life in a way which I had not experienced before. The sorrow and suffering of Christ became less abstract and more of a reality and caused me to ponder anew the depths of sin and the incomprehensible magnitude of God’s grace.

Evaluate – I truly enjoyed this concert. Singing has always been a passion of mine and getting to sing with my fellow Christus members was a wonderful experience. One of the things I particularly enjoyed about this concert is that we got to have a concert that was centered around Christ. That is something that cannot be done at many other universities, but here it is both allowed and embraced.

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