Concordia Handbell Ensemble Spring Concert

Describe – This concert featured both the Concordia Handbell Ensemble and the CSP Ringers. There was a mixture of music – some settings of hymns and sacred music, others simply good music to be enjoyed.

Integrate – This concert was a good example of the integration of imagination and emotion and the power it can have. Despite there not being any words to the music, it still fostered an emotional response and created an image, even for unrecognized tunes.

Evaluate – The music of handbells is always beautiful to listen to. I enjoy hearing and seeing a handbell choir work together to produce a coherent piece of music. I think handbells are unique because the entire choir is essentially functioning as one instrument. In a band or a choir, if you are missing one person, your balance may be off. If you are missing someone in a handbell choir, your group or your “instrument” can no longer play certain notes. Handbells have also always been comforting and calming for me. The quality of ┬ásound they make is peaceful and reminds me of church.

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