Poetry Convocation

Describe – At this convocation, we celebrated the value of poetry. A number of poems were read; serious poems as well as lighthearted, silly poems. These poems covered a number of topics, such as love, hate, belonging, religion, pets, and music. The readers, consisting of both students and teachers, shared their thoughts about poetry with us as well. One common theme that was discussed was that poetry is especially good at shedding light on uncomfortable truths.

Integrate – This primarily had to do with the reminding us of the value of imagination and the emotion that that use of imagination via the arts evokes in us. Some poems also gave us an opportunity to hear voices that are normally ignored or silenced.

Evaluate – As a lover of poetry myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this event! Getting to hear other people’s favorite poems and hearing them talk about poetry reminded me once again just how many different sides there are to poetry. It’s wonderful to see other people appreciate poetry and illuminate aspects of it that I have not explored yet.

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