Spring Into Dance V

Describe – This was the annual dance recital that Concordia puts on. This year, it featured a good variety of dances. There was a musical theater number, a traditional Hmong dance, a hip hop piece, a ballroom piece, a ballet piece, a Lindy Hop dance, and several contemporary pieces. I was personally in six dances: the musical theater number, the Lindy Hop dance, and several contemporary pieces.

Integrate – Dance is an excellent example of imagination being used to explain and express things we don’t have words for. In fact, Alex Johnson, one of my choreographers said of his dance that it was something that he couldn’t explain with words, but he could explain through dance. Several of the dances required expression of deep emotion to properly perform. Many of the choreographers explained to us, as much as they could, the emotion or story they wished to portray so that we could obtain the proper quality of movement.

Evaluate – Spring Into Dance was an amazing experience for me! I thoroughly enjoyed learning new dance moves, styles, and techniques. It was a new challenge for me for a number of reasons. First, I am new to dance. I have done musical theater, but had no formal training in dance. Many things that were second nature for others such as spotting turns and pointing feet, I had to pick up on the fly. Second, although I do have experience acting, playing a character without saying any words was a different experience. When you don’t have words and voice tone to help you, you must be more expressive with your posture and movement. Finally, although some of my roles have included romantic subplots, being in a partnering dance was difficult for a long time. I had to learn to move with a person who was a complete stranger to me at the beginning of the process until we could portray a sense of vulnerability and intimacy to the audience and move as one. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience that was both challenging and enjoyable!

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