Describe – Spoon River is a stage performance about a young girl, referred to as the Passerby, who visits a cemetery for her grandfather’s funeral. The Passerby then is visited […]

In a time when our culture is becoming hostile to Christianity, it is incredibly important to find good and faithful pastors to serve God’s Church. Even in this matter, there […]

Solomon Spangler Dr. Mark Schuler Honors 110 2 September 2016 A review of Paradox Lost Paradox is an issue that perpetually plagues those who rely on reason to explain their […]

Paradox Lost has so far been quite an interesting read. It is incredibly thought provoking and has made me realize how full of paradox the Christian faith is. The most […]

Greetings, Salutations, and Hello! I am Solomon Spangler. I look forward to studying and discussing life with all of you in the coming years! I will be majoring in Psychology […]