A Good Time For The Truth!!!

This event revolved around a lecture involving the book A Good Time For The Truth. The lecture was conducted by one of the author’s of the book, Sun Yung Shin. She discussed the ever important and relevant topic of racial tension in Minnesota. She went into great detail focusing on early Minnesota and the relationship between the state and its native inhabitants.  She did this by giving a historical lesson and analysis on the Native Americans, who were forced to leave the state. In a similar sense, Sun Yung Shin gave the audience multiple facts based upon certain percentages that she acquired that pertained to the state of Minnesota and the nation as a whole. For instance, “Minnesota is more diverse percentage-wise compared to the rest of the United States.” In like manner, “96% of public school teachers are white in the state of Minnesota.” These are a sampling of the statistics that were presented during this convocation. After this, she opened up the floor to questions about the topic and the most popular questions had to deal with, “Well what does that mean for everyone and what can people do to change?” At this point,, she answered the questions to the best of her ability until there was no time remaining.

This topic had a very clear connection with religion in this interconnected world. Everyone and everything is interconnected, as a result everyone is affected by those around them. This book is trying to open reader’s eyes to see that there is discrimination in Minnesota. That does not mean that all readers has to agree with the book, but the reason that the book was written was to keep people informed, and possibly even cause a change of heart. One of the quotes that Sun Yung Shin chose to share today was stated by a Native American leader in Minnesota. This Native American Leader stated that all people need is support and for more people to be knowledgeable about this tough subject. With this in mind, it is clear that the book was written to persuade people to there is racial tension in the state of Minnesota and that is clear without even opening up the book to the first page.

In my opinion, Sun Yung Shin tried too hard to get as many facts in the air during the lecture. Furthermore, she should have given a few less facts and elaborated further on her stand and why it is valid. I would have personally appreciated the lecture to a further extent, if she would have taken more time to go into detail and tell about a possible solution into the future. On the other hand, I choose to take a stand where I see both sides of the picture, but lean more towards the side that people do need to learn and hear stories of others. That is especially important when referring back to a interconnected world. We will only be held back if we don’t choose to listen to each other and communicate. Correspondingly, to communicate about the needs of each other and to learn from those so that we will not make the same mistakes. Overall, I thought the lecture did a good job at staying towards the surface level and was a quality way to kick off this intriguing topic. Now we must take this one step further and communicate with one another.



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