Homecoming Football Game

The entire week of homecoming led up to the well anticipated homecoming football game. The week had plenty of incredible things to do which included, t-shirt designing, laser tag, and a lip-sync battle. All of the activities were set in place to get all the students hyped up for the week and have people talking about their Golden Bears. When it came to the football game, I got there promptly at 12 o’clock to watch the game and it all started off rather well for the Golden Bears, we were facing a very good team and for the first half we kept up the tempo with Mankato. The second half was a different story as the Golden Bear football team couldn’t stop the rush of Mankato, who was ranked number six in the nation, and ended up losing the game 47-10. The fan section was very supportive throughout the entire ordeal, staying positive and chanting the school cheer whenever it was deemed necessary. I sat in the giant home side bleachers with a couple of friends and the atmosphere was ecstatic. With parents yelling at the referees when things didn’t appear to be fair or they made a wrong call and the opposite when parents were lighting up in jubilee when their child did something positive throughout the course of the game. The game was a tale involving both sides of the spectrum, both happiness and disappointment.

Homecoming is a week full of rituals that relate back to this interconnected world and the Honor’s Class. Some rituals are common in many high schools and colleges which include having events for students to partake in throughout the week and having a big football game at the end of the week. While other events were very specific to Concordia University, wearing blue and gold to the football game and having an awesome carnival after the game. Another ritual that I noticed was the way that the fans tailgate before the game, many people do this before football games and it has become embedded into the minds of those who watch football. A ritual that brings people closer together whether they realize it or not.

I believe that homecoming brings people together and is a very positive thing. It adds an extra element to this small university that allows everyone to become even further intertwined with one another. It is also never a bad idea to just have a little good fun every once in a while. The game was a lot of fun despite the Golden Bears loss and it helped me to meet new people that I would not have. I could have never imagined what great an impact certain rituals have on certain people. I feel like I have grown closer to Concordia throughout the week and also closer to those around me. Furthermore, I believe that the studying of rituals in the honors class has allowed me to see certain rituals in a new light.

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